A first reading was held on an ordinance related to penalties for late business licenses fees at the Benton City Council meeting on Sept. 20.

Once the ordinance is in effect a late fee of 10% will be added to licenses 30 days past due, 30% to licenses 60 days past due and 50% for licenses that are 90 days past due. After 60 days the city could technically instruct the police department to cease operations of the business, but council members are hopeful it will not come to that.

A first reading was also held on an ordinance annexing 3.98 acres on the west side of U.S. Highway 641near Priceless IGA, owned by Doug and Rita Dotson. This ordinance was previously passed in June, but had to be amended after the state sent it back needing more information.

Second readings were held on several ordinances:

• An ordinance requiring the sewer clean-out size to be 4 inches.

• An ordinance regarding revenue and taxation.

• An ordinance changing the board of adjustments to five members instead of three. Mayor Rita Dotson proposed the two new members to be Curtis Allen and Grant Willoughby, and the council approved.

• An ordinance establishing a tax rate for abandoned property.

• An ordinance rezoning property between Poplar and Elm streets and 10th and 11th streets from a mixed C1 and R2 to only C1.

A brief discussion was held on the need for a noise ordinance. City attorney Rob Mattingly will begin drafting one and bring it to the council for approval.

A discussion was also held on whether to allow trick or treating on Saturday, Oct. 30 or Sunday, Oct. 31. After review other communities around Benton it was determined to follow suit and leave the trick or treating on Sunday.

Fall clean up dates were announced as Oct. 11-13. Items need to be placed on the curb no later than 7 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 11.

Police Chief Stephen Sanderson gave the monthly police report. During the month of August, the police department answered 628 calls for service, issued 55 citations, 35 for traffic and 20 were criminal, worked 15 collisions and opened 15 cases.