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As the holidays quickly approach, the need for food donations to area food pantries and soup kitchens increases. To help alleviate some of the need, the second annual Can the Curb food drive will take place on Saturday, Oct. 30 in Benton and surrounding areas.

Residents are asked to leave non-perishable food and canned goods at their curb for volunteers to pick up between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Can the Curb is organized by Randy and Michelle Skipper of Aurora. It is a non-profit entity of U.S. Vet Connect, an organization run by Michelle’s sister Theresa Walters, that is a connecting organization between U.S. veterans and outdoor experiences.

The food drive will benefit Marcella’s Kitchen, who is also working with Marshall County Caring Needline to distribute some of the food via Thanksgiving boxes.

To be placed on the pick up list, residents must register at or call 270-508-1877. Food donors must be registered for volunteers to pick up food. There are currently three drop points already taking food in the county — Amazing Blaze in Aurora, Richard Reed State Farm in Benton and King Bros. Market in Draffenville.

“We’re hoping to just fill up that whole dining room (at Marcella’s),” said Michelle. “It’s just fun for the community and it’s easy for the donor. Someone could call the same day even because we will have people running around.”

The drive is still in need of volunteers to ensure the fundraiser is bigger than 2020. Volunteers will work in two-man groups on a designated route to pick up the food and return it to Marcella’s Kitchen in Benton. In 2020 the organization was able to run a quick program, donating almost 500 pounds of ham to Marcella’s Kitchen. To volunteer, call 270-508-1877.

Donors will be entered into a donor appreciation drawing for $500 cash and other prizes.

“We are thankful for the donors. It’s just a nice way of saying thank you. It’s a good way for the businesses in town to be a part of it too because they are donating the gift cards and products,” Michelle Skipper said.

“In small towns we are trying to get chapters set up nationwide to where this can be an annual event, and that’a the way we want to set it up here where this happens every year. And it will get bigger and bigger every year. We actually hope to double the prize money each year if we can,” Randy added. “So in a few years it will be quite a big Can the Curb prize if you win the first prize.”

The drawing will take place on Oct. 31 live on WCBL.

The Skippers also urge businesses and churches to organize internal food drives and arrange pick up before the event.

“The whole thing is about the community to me. It’s getting involved, getting people back involved with something fun that helps do something good,” Randy said.

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