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Calvert limits workers' compensation rates

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The Calvert City Council has entered into a workers compensation insurance agreement that limits rate increases to no more than 9% over three years.

At its May 11 online meeting, the council approved the rate stabilization agreement with the Kentucky League of Cities. The agreement allows a rate increase of no more than 3% per year for each of the three years.

“Basically, we’re agreeing to stay in (the program), at a rate of no more than 9% for three years,” City Attorney Greg Northcutt said.

On another issue, aviation consultant Brandon Tanner, reported the state fire marshal has approved the fuel dispensing system for Kentucky Dam Airport. The tanks are in place.

“What we’ve been finalizing from the fire marshal is the installation of the equipment to pump the fuel into planes,” said Mayor Lynn Jones, in a phone interview. “And it has now been cleared and installation is in process.”

The issue in question was “the fire marshal wanted a code showing a stamp of approval from the authorities on that piece of equipment — that it had passed all tests. We had purchased components from different locations, putting them together. In doing that, we could not get that final stamp of approval on the whole package. Vendors provided that information and that assurance.”

Tanner also reported that state funding for paving and concrete pads for T-hangars is on hold. “State funding is a touchy subject right now,” Tanner said. State authorities “are having to reevaluate all grants right now.”

Jones explained that in the city/state agreement, “the state was going to provide funding for the concrete pad and for the asphalt around the hangars.

“We (the city) are going to build the hangars. It works out to about a 50-50 (cost) split. At this point, those state funds are on hold.” Runway funding is federally funded, he added.

“When can we expect fuel?” asked Councilman Gene Colburn during the meeting. “July at the earliest,” Jones replied, noting it could be longer.

Tanner said with the exception of the runway overlay, the state green lighted the environmental process, which has partial federal funding. He mentioned that fuel tax funds at airports is down to a third of what it was in 2019.

“The pavement maintenance was not approved in this year’s state budget,” he said. “That has been in the last two (biennia). What that means for KDA (Kentucky Department of Aviation) is they don’t have those maintenance dollars for pavement rehab type projects. They are having to use other funding mechanisms to address those. It translates to fewer dollars overall for all projects. That’s why they are having to reevaluate both the T-hangars and the runway overlay projects.”

Tanner also reported that the airport received $1,000 from $10 billion designated for airport economic aid in the Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Relief. “It’s not a whole lot of money there, but at least it’s showing that the airport is still in the system and getting some money.”

In other business, the council:

• Heard a report from Marketing Director Blair Travis that planned summer programs including Fourth of July fireworks and AmeriBration and camps for children, are on hold because of social distances and economic shutdowns prompted by COVID 19 illnesses.

“It’s been a really interesting year,” Travis said. “I’ve had some interesting challenges as we all have. Most of our small businesses are all just chugging along and getting by.”

She added that the public “has really stepped up to support our restaurants, and they have all been pretty pleased with where they are right now.” The only one to close was China Wall. “The only reason they did that was because their suppliers were not open,” she said, noting China Wall hoped to reopen this week. Food truck Fridays are postponed indefinitely.

May is small Business Appreciation Month and the city partnered with Mama D’s to provide every health care business in Calvert City an appreciation card entitling the business to a free pizza, Travis said.

• Approved a resolution for resurfacing five streets.