Kim Robinson

Kim Robinson, of Calvert City, was crowned Mrs. Kentucky in August. She will speak across the state about her platform, “Defying Disabilities.”

Calvert City resident Kim Robinson was crowned Mrs. Kentucky on Aug. 22 following a three-day event in Brandenburg.

The Mrs. Kentucky pageant is part of the Mrs. America circuit and requires a platform for competitions. Robinson’s platform — “Defying Disabilities”- is personal for her.

“I grew up myself with the disability of a speech impediment, so I know what it feels like to be excluded just because you’re different,” she said. “And that’s why that’s close to my heart and my special tie.”

“I wanted to make a difference in the community, some how, some way, so I kind of brainstormed how I could do that and I really wanted to work with the special needs community,” Robinson added. “I have been an advocate for the National Inclusion Project, which is an organization that really works to bridge the gap between those with special needs and the world around them.”

Robinson, who manages Snap Fitness gyms in Calvert City and Benton, worked with the Marshall County Exceptional Center and the local chapter of the Special Olympics to create weekly adaptive recreational classes for their members.

“I wanted to make sure that we included them, and we had a place for them, and they could work on their fitness goals along with us,” she said.

Originally from Indiana, Robinson competed in the Miss Indiana pageants which award scholarships. She made it to the state competition three times. After aging out of the pageant circuit, she took a few years off from the pageant scene.

During the Mrs. Kentucky competition, Robinson won the fitness and interview preliminaries and placed third in the evening gown preliminary.

“Interview was meaningful because who would have thought growing up with a speech impediment you could interview and you know have the judges approval that you are enough. So that was awesome,” she said.

She urges young women and girls to be confident with themselves. “This is kind of my motto. Dare to be different. I’m a pageant girl, but I have short hair, and I’m completely confident with that. I grew up with the speech impediment, but I embrace that now and then I work in the fitness industry which is usually a male dominated field. But it’s okay,” she said.

“I’ve proven that I can be successful in doing that and if there’s anything, any challenges, in the way of anyone just go for it,” Robinson added. “Follow your dreams. Just don’t give up. Persistence can pay off. You are actually growing through the experiences.”

During her reign as Mrs. Kentucky, Robinson will travel across the state speaking on her platform. She plans to work with the 13 other Snap Fitness gyms in Kentucky to set up the same adaptive recreation classes at those facilities that she has set up in Marshall County.

She can be contacted at 270-206-2423 to schedule in-person or virtual speaking engagements.

Robinson will compete in the Mrs. America pageant at the end of October in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Mrs. World pageant will be held in November in Sri Lanka.

“My goal is to just represent our county, and our state and make everyone here and our commonwealth proud. So hopefully I can do that at nationals,” she said.