Come January 2021, Mitch McConnell will have been senator for 36 years, and whether he is senator for yet another year is up to Kentucky in November. I write before the Democratic primary on June 23 to implore all readers registered Democrat to vote for Charles Booker as the nominee to take on Senator McConnell.

State Representative Charles Booker was born and raised in one of Kentucky’s poorest zip codes. He and his family faced constant struggles to get by. As a child, Charles had to ration insulin. Moreover, even with food stamps, Charles and his siblings still went hungry. You can read all of his story and background online, but the point is that Charles Booker does not simply acknowledge the struggles of everyday Kentuckians as do most politicians, he understands them and has lived through them.

Charles Booker is one of the first senate candidates I have ever believed would actually fight for me and my community in the Senate, and I know he can organize and inspire voters to turn out to vote for him in November. There is a reason why Charles has been endorsed by Kentucky’s two largest newspapers over Amy McGrath, the frontrunner.

I implore readers to look into Charles Booker before casting their votes. I have confidence that they will be as inspired and uplifted by him as I am.

Colby Edwards