Benton PD issues scam alert pic

The Benton Police Department issued a warning this morning of a scammer pretending to be a law enforcement officer.

The press release issued by the department reports Sgt. William Treadway actually spoke with a scammer who claimed to be “Lt. Ellison” with Kentucky State Police Post 1. Treadway said “Ellison” wanted him to go to Walmart and purchase gift cards, then await further instruction.

The department issued a few reminders and tips for anyone else who receives such phone calls:

—Never provide personal information over the phone; 99% of the time, law enforcement would already know your personal details before they called, so they would not have to ask.

—If you believe you’re being scammed, just hang up. And if they call back, don’t answer.

—After you hang up, call the agency the person claimed to represent to verify the officer’s identity and confirm whether or not you’re involved in an investigation.

—“Don’t fall victim to their scams and don’t listen to their bullying tactics.”

The Benton Police Department may be reached by calling 270-527-3126 and the department regularly issues alerts on its Facebook page.