A Benton man was arrested in May on federal charges that he attempted to entice a minor for sex, in similar circumstances to those that resulted in charges for Paducah restaurant owner Ken White.

Justin A. Wadsworth was arrested in Illinois in May after investigators said he responded to an ad online referencing incest — the same ad White allegedly responded to.

FBI Special Agent Brian Wainscott, the same agent involved in the investigation into White, said in the complaint that he posted the advertisement in late April, and that Wadsworth responded to the ad the same day.

According to transcripts contained in the complaint, Wadsworth told Wainscott that he was “active” with a close relative and the two discussed exchanging pictures.

After Wainscott claimed he had an “active” 10-year-old, Wadsworth asked to see either sexual pics involving her, according to the complaint.

The transcripts indicate that Wadsworth sent various photos of females, some more explicit than others, but Wainscott routinely expressed skepticism that the photos involved minors.

Wadsworth also expressed interest in “some young active fun,” and said he had $1,000 to pay, according to the document.

The two arranged to meet in Metropolis, Illinois, at an address that matched the one Wainscott used in the case against White.

When federal agents approached Wadsworth, he consented to give an interview, according to the complaint, and claimed he had responded in order to rescue the girl and expose the purported father.

Wadsworth said he had a background as a corrections officer but did not think to contact law enforcement, according to Wainscott.

Wadsworth was indicted in June, and if convicted faces a sentence of 10 years to life.