91 Marshall students under quarantine; county cases over 600 - logo

According to the Marshall County School District website’s COVID-19 spreadsheet, as of Monday, 91 students who have not tested positive but are currently under quarantine due to exposure.

The number includes 31 North Marshall Middle School students, 21 South Marshall Middle students, 19 Marshall County High School students, eight virtual students, six Benton Elementary students, four Central Elementary students, and two Calvert City Elementary students.

The information notes the exposures may be due to home or school environments.

Seven active cases were listed among students (six were with virtual students and the other at Marshall County High School) and two among staff (one in transportation and the other at North Marshall Middle School). The total tested positive among students, current and previous, was 19 and 13 among staff.

Twelve students have been reported as recovered and 11 among staff.

Marshall County Public Health Director Billy Pitts reported Monday that Marshall County had 611 total cases of COVID-19 since it was first reported here in early 2020. That puts Marshall fourth among the highest totals among the Purchase area counties and behind McCracken County (1,399), Calloway County (1,154) and Graves County (1,039).

Current active cases in Marshall County are estimated around 120.

Pitts said, similarly to the Purchase region, the increase in cases can be linked to gatherings such as sleepovers, family get-togethers and visiting friends, church services and other situations where people are together and not utilizing prevention steps such as social distancing and wearing masks.

“Any thing like that is where we’re seeing the majority of the cases coming from,” he said.

Fulton County reported a total of 231 cases with the remaining river counties of Ballard, Carlisle and Hickman counties less than 200 cases a piece.

Kentucky reported 1,177 new coronavirus cases on Sunday. It marked the first day in the past several where the new case figure dipped below 2,000. The total number of cases in the state since March rose to 120,838, according to Gov. Andy Beshear.

The state also recorded the highest daily positivity rate in more than six months Sunday at 7.24%. That was an increase from Saturday’s 7.17% and Friday’s 6.77%.

“This virus is spreading in communities in every corner of the Commonwealth, and everyone, from our businesses and schools to individuals, must do their part to stop the spread and save lives,” said Gov. Beshear. “Without each of us doing our part, the rampant spread will continue to take more Kentuckians. Let’s come together as Team Kentucky to defeat this virus.”

Sunday the governor reported a total of 1,565 COVID-19 related deaths in Kentucky since the pandemic began. That number included an 81-year-old Marshall County man who was listed on Nov. 5.

Marshall County now has eight COVID related deaths.

Johns Hopkins University reports there have been 50,262,472 cases of COVID-19 worldwide, along with 1,254,194 deaths. In the United States, there have been 9,937,709 confirmed cases and 237,484 deaths.

Kentucky Today and The Paducah Sun contributed to this report.