Do you believe in ghosts or debates?
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On our new series:

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost,” said Ray Parker Jr. in the theme to the 1984 film “Ghostbusters.”

Are you afraid of ghosts? My friends back home gave the nickname “Spooky.” They said I reminded them of the character Fox Mulder from “X-Files.” Myself, I’m a skeptic of all things supernatural, but I have a very open mind, and believe anything is possible.

The Tribune-Courier is starting a series this week examining some of the urban myths and legends in Marshall County. We are fortunate enough to have the cooperation and assistance of Justin Lamb. As far as Marshall County goes, he is Mr. History. He’s told me many anecdotes about the history of the county in the few months I’ve worked at the Trib. I’ve not even visited my first site yet, and am already looking forward to it like a kid at Christmas.

Our mini-series will be four stories, starting today and running through Oct. 30. It struck me as both seasonal and a lot of fun.

I’ve never been ghost hunting before, and do not consider this to be a ghost hunt. We’re not taking the nightvision camera to the graveyard in search of dust bunnies floating through the air. This is more of a celebration of story-telling, and believe me, Justin tells some great stories, and the folklore of the county.

Justin has a list of several stories. I think some of them may be familiar to readers, and some may be brand new. We hope readers are entertained. If any readers have some good spooky stories, maybe we’ll do a second series next year with some of your stories.

On debates:

I’ve never seen much point to presidential debates. By October, I think most Americans have made their choice for the election. Perhaps there are some undecided voters out there, but meh...

The thing about debates is nobody ever talks policy. Both candidates see debates as a soap box to echo their talking points and to attack the other guy.

To me a debate should be a chance to say, “Hi, I am Candidate X. We have a problem, and here’s what I’m going to do about it.”

Instead, we hear Candidate X say he’s better than Mr. Y and that Y is a moron. It doesn’t tell me anything about either candidate.

Then, there is the day-after discussion. Supporters of both X and Y say their candidate was the better man, and the entire spectacle is judged on who had the best “zingers” by the media.

Me, I don’t want to vote for the guy who zings the opponent. I want to vote for the guy who will create jobs and has the best plan for the economy.

As for the soap-box structure, not a fan. The moderator needs to be able to interrupt when they go off-topic, or to call foul when a fallacy is used. Leaps in logic should just be avoided or called out by the moderator. And whatever happens, will the moderator please enforce the time limits allotted for remarks?

Do what they do at Fancy Farm. If the guy gets longwinded, drown ‘em out with Rocky Top!
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