Re-examine gun control
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In New York City you can’t buy a super sized soft drink. In Marshall County you can’t buy a six pack of beer. In Kentucky and many other states you have limits on how much cold medication you can buy. But all across our great country you can buy assault weapons and unlimited amounts of ammunition with very little hassle.

I’m sticking my neck out pretty far on this one because I know that I am in the minority of Americans who believe we need stricter controls on gun purchases in the United States.

Let me be very clear – I am not anti-gun ownership. I grew up in a home where guns were used for sport and I’ve seen my dad answer the door in the middle of the night with one in his hand when he didn’t know who was on the other side. We were taught to respect guns and the right to protect ourselves with them.

I believe in our Second Amendment Rights as Americans. But I don’t think our forefathers were talking about assault weapons when they spoke of the arms we have a right to bear and I’m certain there is nothing in there about a right to kill one another with them.

I’ve heard all the arguments put forth by those opposing more gun control including the famous, “Guns don’t kill people. People do.”

Then there are those that argue if you legislate guns you would have to legislate spoons and forks because they make people fat.

I like to think God blessed me with a healthy dose of common sense and most times when I get into a debate with someone who doesn’t want anyone messing with his/her right to own weapons I end up hearing nonsensical analogies about spoons and forks.

We aren’t talking about spoons and forks, though. We aren’t talking about the muskets our forefathers referred to. We are talking about deadly assault weapons in the hands of people who have one thing in mind – killing people.

The two most recent mass shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin have brought the issue of gun control back into the spotlight. I realize as some would argue that “you can’t legislate insanity.” But I certainly think it makes sense not to make it so easy for the evil and insane to obtain the weapons they are acquiring to terrorize our nation and kill our citizens.

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