If you’re reading this, it’s already too late
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If you’re reading this and you don’t know it’s Valentine’s Day... it’s probably already too late.

It’s an all-too-common trap every person (translation: every man) falls in to. Through PDAs, friends, relatives, tattoos, and other assorted reminders, men trip and stumble their way through the gift giving year. There’s birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas and all sorts of milestones.

Most of the gift giving dates are spread out through the year. There’s one here and one there, some random chance deciding to place one almost every month. And that’s where the trap comes in. A few lucky folks get to have a significant other whose birthday falls in January.


Yep. It keeps them on their toes. It keeps the gift giving muscles toned. Like clockwork, the first month of the year rolls around, they get reminded of the birthday and it keeps the upcoming February holiday fresh in their mind.

For most other folks (once again, guys), it’s just a trap. Still lulled into comfort from Thanksgiving and reeling from Christmas, they catch their breath in January. The reflexes dull just a bit and then one morning, they open their best source of local news to a column like this and it suddenly hits them— they forgot Valentine’s Day. Next thing they know, they’re trying to remember every florist, jewelry store and (for the outdoor’s woman) gun shop on the commute home.

So far, this column may seem to be gender biased. It’s a fair point. For one, I can only speak as a member of one gender. For another thing, and this requires a bit of a generalization on my part, women don’t seem to have the same problem.

That’s not to say the fairer sex doesn’t forget dates. But somewhere in the genetic coding that makes women not look like Grizzly Adams is a gene that keeps tracks of dates with a better efficiency than men.

To make matters worse, even if you are lucky enough to have a Valentine who might have been born without that date memory gene, most likely she doesn’t live under a rock. Maybe she opened up their best source of local news to a column like this and it suddenly hit them it was Valentine’s Day. Then you’re back in the same boat.

If I was a smarter man, years ago I’d have become an entrepreneur. The business model? Automatic gifts. A subscription service that just automatically mails out gifts according to the holiday so you don’t have to keep up with the date.

Of course maybe it would just be easier to keep track of the day.
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